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Before you select string lights for your yard, patio area or deck, make certain you know the pros and cons of different sorts of exterior lights. We want you to be safe while still obtaining the illumination and atmosphere you need for your outside spaces.

Party String Lights OutdoorsWhen the sun goes down, do not allow your backyard enjoyment end even if it is dark. Make certain your exterior area is appropriately lighted for your nighttime activities.

There are three kinds of outdoor lighting that you should think about when lighting outdoor spaces. The first to consider is ambient lights. Wall mounted fixtures, pole light fixtures and floodlights are ambient illumination examples. The second sort of lights is task lights which can be security lighting, path illumination or stair illumination. The last sort of lighting, accent lighting, is used to highlight features of your outdoor area such as a water feature or uplighting a tree.

String lights can be ornamental, ambient, task and accent lights all rolled right into one type. They are not simply for the holidays or Halloween anymore. They can be used all year long to create a party-like ambience on your deck or patio area, run along a path to help your visitors and find their way, or add design interest to a place in your veranda or pergola.

Outside string lights have several benefits over other sorts of lights. First, they are mainly a do-it-yourself project. You will not need to hire an electrical expert to run cables or make a complicated installation.

Second of all, exterior string lights come in a range of sizes to fit any type of job. We have actually seen them as short as 10 feet and as lengthy as 400 feet for commercial string light ranges. Numerous string lights have both a female and male plug so they can be strung with each other end to end if you can not locate the specific size you require. Bear in mind package warnings that inform you the number of strings you can link together safely.

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Another advantage of string lights is the variety of colors, looks and also light bulb sizes that are readily available. You can produce nearly any result that you want with string lights and also a little creativity.


White Mini Indoor String LightsWhen you are hanging string lights, the most effective thing to do is to remove the bulbs first. This will make certain that you will not damage the light bulbs if the cords escape from you when the string hits the ground.

The next step is to decide where you want to connect each end of each string. We have actually found that it is valuable to do a completely dry run on the ground before climbing up ladders and affixing hooks to your structure. You can lay out your strings on the deck or lawn in the pattern you desire. That way, you can find out precisely where you need to have support poles if you are not using existing structures. Doing a pattern on the ground first thing enables you to be much more innovative with your illumination layout and also guarantees you that you have adequate power receptacles for the number of string lights you are installing.

While you are hanging your string lights, take extra care to affix each end safely. Reinforce each plug-to-plug connection with electric tape. Use electrical tape to further secure the strings to hooks or eye screws. If you are making use of coax staples, make certain that they can support the whole weight of the string– you might need more than one or two.


LED lights are an energy efficient alternative to incandescent light bulbs in string lights. They are likewise much more durable and also will certainly last much longer. Another advantage is that they stay cool to the touch. LED light bulbs are brighter however, given that they can’t be found in high watts, you will require even more LED bulbs to get the brightness you want.

holiday led string lightsLED lights are currently a little bit more expensive to purchase than incandescent, however this is improving quickly. Also as technology advances, there are a lot more LED options readily available that more resemble the warm light that is the trademark of incandescent bulbs.

If you are considering using many string lights and you have actually restricted sources of power, then LED string lights are your solution as they draw much less electricity per string.

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Electrical performance and also ease are two primary benefits of solar powered string lights. Throughout daylight hours, the battery is recharged from sunshine which is absorbed on the solar panel. When it gets dark, the lights light up immediately.

Because no power is needed, you can set up these lights in remote areas on your residential property. All the solar panel needs is a clear sight of the sun. When totally charged, you can expect from 8 to 10 hours of LED lighting. An additional benefit is that they are water-proof.


No electrical outlets are required when you choose battery powered string lights. Lots of battery light strings also have timers which allow you to choose for how long and when your string will turn on and off.

Battery operated outdoor string lights are fantastic choices for protected patio areas and decks where you might not have adequate sun for solar lights. They likewise work well on patios. Due to the fact that these strings are equipped with LED bulbs, you can expect many thousands of hours of life from each battery change.

Motivation for String Lighting

The very best location to find inspiration and suggestions for your next string light adventure is from industrial and municipal displays. Especially for the holidays, firms and cities work year around to see to it their holiday lights are festive and beautiful. If it is brand-new and brilliant, big companies and communities will certainly have it.

The majority of string lights that are designed for industrial use are also available to consumers. You will probably want to go shopping early in the year if you want to secure the most current lights designs.

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Resort hotels are generally the most ingenious in their outdoor lighting displays. They usually change their looks from one year to the next so you will enjoy something different each time you visit. A lot of resorts do upload images online of their property a number of times each year so you can see how their lighting evolves with the seasons if you can’t take a trip there.

Restaurants with outside patios are one more choice if you are seeking outdoor event lighting ideas. Take special note of how they arrange their lights to guarantee there is a safe level of illumination while encouraging a festive or enchanting mood.

Purchasing Guide

When selecting string lights for your next indoor or exterior occasion, it is smart to get a few replacement light bulbs at the time of purchase. Many mini light sets include 3 or four substitute bulbs, but screw in bulbs are something different altogether.

You’ll never know if or when you might get a screw in bulb that broke or burns out and you do not want to go out to numerous shops at the twelfth hour only to find out they don’t carry that size bulb any longer. Several of the newer clear Edison or vintage light bulbs are examples of bulbs that you will want to have a couple of extra around for emergency situations.

Safe String Light Storage

It is feasible to keep your lights from year to year. A crucial variable is storing the strings so they don’t become damaged. There are light winders that you can purchase but you can also accomplish the same result with homemade solutions.

The secret to string light longevity is to tuck them away in an organized and secure fashion. You do not want to untangle lights only to find that all the pulling and twisting you had to do broke a light bulb or frayed a string. When removing light strings, you can wind them around rolled magazines or catalogs to keep them from becoming jumbled. Lay them carefully in a cardboard box, each string individually, and they should stay safe up until the next time you want to take them out.

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